Sunday, 27 February 2011

Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm moving forward with confidence on my personal projects. To make it cheap and easier its probably going to be animated through flash. I haven't used flash in a long time. I drew this bird up in about a minute. The lines in flash can be quite problematic but i'm sure i can work around them.

I managed to get a storyboard done today. Going to try and upload it into an animatic in the next couple of days and send it off to some pals for critique.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Boredom at work = progress

I'm at the beginning of a bunch if ideas i have for some animated shorts. Being at work doesn't give me as much time as i would like to work on my ideas but i try make the best with the time i have. Sometimes the lack of customers at work gives me time to think up new characters and situations. It allows me to draw a lot quicker as i try to avoid being caught. And by drawing quicker, i find myself having a lot of lucky mistakes which lead to new and fun characters. There is less pressure to draw at home and because of this i always get stuck in the smaller details. At work i don't suffer from this problem.

So below are some of the characters i'm trying to think up for these animated shorts. None of these are final.

This guy below was a quick sketch i did of another character i created while at work. I believe i uploaded him in an earlier post.

This dog took me a while. I had a very dry pen.

One point of the daw i was actually going mad with boredom. I had this really cool crayola pen right beside me which i used to colour in the tongue. I'm not sure what type of pen it was but it was really nice. Well nice for a cheap pen.
Finally here is another character i came up with. It doesn't follow my usual drawing construction. However i do really like this guy.

What do you think of my at work doodles?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Study and more doodles

Here some Jerry studies and some random drawings from my sketchbook. I've found out that drawing quickly leads to some fun and out of style character designs.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Work Doodle 2

Work isnt very busy after christmas. Its even less busy then it was when i mentioned this in my previous post. But back then i was drawing to procrastinate. Now not only am i drawing to procrastinate but drawing with the intention of animating again. I have an idea bubbling in my head to try and do very short animations. Probably going to be 20-30 seconds long. Just so i can get some work out there quickly and look at different styles of drawing.

So my first drawings here are my typical style. Its hard to try and think up a new style with no reference and a customer in front of you. Tell me what you think. :)

Friday, 18 February 2011

After Work Doodle

Work just finished, so i put these up just to keep myself active. There a bit wonky. But they will do for now.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


I haven't updated in a while due to being at work a lot more this week. But here is a drawing to pass the time. Its not to good like. I'm tired.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Eggs and eyes!

Egg shapes are hard to draw. For whatever reason i really cant draw a solid egg. I only started to realise this when i went back to studying cartoons. I'm using a book which was done by one of the guys who i believed either worked for Disney or at MGM. Its really good. The first page is about basic construction and being able to rotate characters using simple spheres and eggs.

So far i've been struggling with these studies more then i thought i would.I believe it mainly falls down to not getting that basic head shape right. My first study is always useless, afterwards i go tighten everything up and check the proportions as well as the direction. The bear at the top took me many goes until i actually got it sort of right.

The top is head is wrong is so many places. The second and third one are are closer but still not there yet. The proportions of the third attempt are a lot closer then the other two, but unfortunately the direction is off. His eyes appear to be floating around his head. The direction on number two is pretty much perfect but the proportions are wrong.

The direction on the bear is now a lot better. The main fault here is the size of the eyes. They are to small and don't follow the flow of the head. As well as being to thin. The chipmunk at the top shows my struggle to draw a nice neat egg. An inability to do this prevents me from drawing nice consistent characters.

The head shape is better on the blue rabbit, but the details within his head looked rushed and sloppy. Also it looks likes his muzzle is about to fall off. I believe the rabbit finalised in red is the best study out of everything here, despite the fact the head is pointing down to far. Everything fits a lot better with the small exception of the teeth which are drawn on the wrong angle. The eyes for once dont look like random ovals but follow the flow of the lines around it.

I'm not to sure why these studies are so complicated for me. Hopefully i'm just having a bad day. What seems to throw alot of my drawings off is that i have a tendency to draw overly large and slightly squashed ovals for the eyes rather then allowing them to follow the flow of the head. This then ruins the the perspective off the face. I just need to discipline myself a lot more. Draw slower and look more carefully at what i'm studying.

My tutors said my drawings were always very quick and sketchy and i think i need to break away from this habit if i want to become better at drawing. Any thoughts and critique is welcome.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Drawing then Paint

I'm trying to get into digital painting on top of everything else i'm trying to do.

Digital inking does take a lot of life out of the lines unfortunately.