Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I couldnt get this one quite right, all the colours are wonky and the backgrounds naff :(


  1. Your artwork reminds me a lot of Spumco and a bit of Tex Avery!

    You should seriously get a deviantART account, it would be much easier for us cartoonists to find you there!

    I recommend you practice on colour scheme though but you have great character construction and clear poses.

    BTW, do you know a good animation school in New Zealand? I really want to get a jump-start in my career. :D

  2. Hey Skits, thanks for the compliments and advice much appreciated.

    Unfortunately im not aware of any animation schools in new zeland, i live in England. I recommend if you are looking at animation schools look carefully and try to find out as much as you can about a course before you enrol. Ask students for their brutally honest opinion about the course. Many people i know have started creative courses and been disappointed in the standard of teaching.
    From what im aware of America and Canada are far better for studying animation than my own country so if you can look there thats cool but again look carefully.
    My advice would be to find a course that specialise in one particular animation medium. The courses that try to do everything like cgi, cut out, traditiional usually lack focus. Also look for courses that have industry professionals tied into the course but again make sure they have examples of their own work for you to see.
    And finally if you are looking make sure you can find a course that will help you find work after graduation.

    Hope this information helps

    Alternatively you can go here and he will teach you everything a course will for free.
    Also here