Sunday, 30 January 2011


Right now i'm sitting at my desk to scared to play Dead Space 2. So since i have some new pencils i thought it would be a good time to crack on with some drawing. I always worry that i get into a comfort zone with my drawings and end up drawing characters that all look the same. So here i have tried to break away from that by using different shapes for the construction and having them vary in size. Below are my results. What do you guys and gals thing?

This mouse in the main frame looks a bit dull. I dont mind the one in the corner as much.
All my drawings are usually characters with fat bellies and skinny legs and arms. Below are some little critters where i tried to aim the style for kiddies. I'm not the best at trying to make things look cute and friendly. So this particualr sheet of drawings is probably one of my first ever attempts at it.

He is an idiot. He likes living for the weekend and the dole.
Angry characters are fun.

A cat playing basketball? I'm sure some do it.

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