Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tom Fail

Learning full body cartoon structure isnt easy. I havent done something like this in a long time and it shows in the following drawing. Although while i was drawing i started to realise many of the things that have been missing from my drawings in the past couple of years. Since i hadn't included certain elements it has made my drawings look wrong. And now i'm starting to see all these silly little mistakes. As i look back at some of my previous work wether it be an animation or a drawing i realise they are missing these main elements:


I tried to study this picture of tom from Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry were built with pretty generic structures but they're great to study since they were done so well. They include include all the elements listed above amongst many others.
Below is my study

The shape of the face is wrong and is missing a forhead. This then made the direction of the face incorrect. The body is to small and the legs are to long therefore the character doesnt have as much weight as he should. The tail is to long and thin when it should be shorter and fatter. The direction of the shoulder on the left arm is to high as well as being to rounded while the one and the right appear to has the right flow but infrotunatly that doenst follow through into the hand correctly. So when all of this is added together the flow of the movement is pretty much lost.

Regardless this is actually great fun and previous studies i have done with heads and faces have shown great improvement. So i'm going to stay positive.

Staying Positive

If anyone has any constructive criticism its more then welcome.

If anyone has any advice on life drawing, a good site, a good place to go. Please tell.


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